About us

Established as a specialist industrial hose supplier in 1980.  You can rely on Holmes Hose to ensure you get the right hose and fitting for your application.

We hold stock in our warehouse in Sandbach, Cheshire.  We are happy to ship around the UK and offer a trade counter service for local customers.

From our stock of industrial rubber, and PVC hoses and wide selection of fittings we can manufacture hoses to suit our customer needs and cover the following applications:

  • Industrial Water & Liquids
  • Liquid food hoses
  • Hygenic food hoses
  • Acid, Chemical & Multipurpose
  • Air Hoses
  • Abrasive & Concrete Hoses
  • Hot water & Steam
  • Oil hoses
  • Bulk food
  • Ducting
  • Fire hoses
  • Rig Supply
  • Hydraulic hoses

We also provide:

  • A while you wait swaging service for all your hydraulics needs.
  • A pressure testing service for your hose installations.
  • Custom-built large hoses with an onsite assembly and fitting service.


Our expert team have over 65 years experience between them, so if you’re not sure about what hose or fittings you need to create the correct assembly for your application, contact our team and they will help you specify the right products.


View our products

Industrial Rubber & PVC Hose Range

All our custom-built large bores are manufactured to ISO 1307 and can be used for a variety of applications:

Multi-purpose hose assemblies for offshore applications

Oil Suction and Discharge hose assemblies and Oil Delivery hoses for the Oil and Petrochemical Industries

General abrasion resistant hose assemblies

Chemical Suction and Discharge hose assemblies

Environmental waste hoses

Temporary Boiler Systems

Specialist PU Ducting

Large Bore High Pressure hose assemblies for many applications

Special Design to solve any Large Bore Hose Problem

Stainless Steel/ PTFE/Hydraulic Assemblies

Food Quality complete with Hygienic End Fittings

Size Specifications

All hoses are built on rigid steel mandrels, and designed for low and medium pressures, in maximum continuous lengths of 125m (410ft) from 5mm (13/64”) to 152mm (6”), inside diameter; over 152mm up to 35mm (14”), inside diameter, in maximum lengths of 61m (200ft); over 355mm up to 650mm (25.5”) , inside diameter, in maximum lengths of 12 metres (40ft).

For further information about any of our products and services, please get in touch.