Concrete Hoses

Browse our most popular Concrete Hoses below. If you need any further assistance in finding the most suitable hose for your project, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Bulk material S&D 10 bar (150 psi)

Tube: black conductive NR – abrasion-resistant.
Reinforcement: high tensile textile cords with embedded steel helix wire.
Cover: Black conductive SBR/NR – abrasion and ozone resistant.
Application: bulk material suction and delivery in heavy-duty applications.
Specially designed for dry cement, grain and animal feed transfer.
Constant operation: -30°C +80°C (-22 °F +176 °F).

Sandblast 12 bar (180 psi) – Premium quality

Tube: black conductive NR – abrasion resistance 50mm3 (ISO4649/A). Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords. Cover: Black SBR/NR – abrasion and ozone resistant – pin picked.
Application: abrasive material blasting.
Designed for long service life in heavy duty applications.
Constant operation: -40°C +80 °C ( -40 °F + 176 °F)