Ducting Hoses

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Air ducting UL 94 V2

Construction – grey PVC – abrasion and ozone resistant. Reinforcement: white shock resistant rigid PVC. Application: air, gas, fumes extraction. Air conditioning-ventilation. Constant operation: -10 °C +60 °C (+14 °F +140 °F)

Applications – Flexible hose/ ducting for gases and for abrasive dust, powder, fibres. – Food industry, pharmaceutical industry: food-stuff, pharrmaceutical. – Conveying of dry foods e.g. rice, cereals, sugar, milk powders, coffee, tea, grains, flour, frozen foods. – Mixer, dryer, packaging machine, bulk-bag (big bag) charging and discharging, mill. – Extraction arm – Clean room ventilation, semiconductor production machine. – medical device/ medical technology, health care sector: cable protection conduit, air supply hose, extraction hose. – Lightweight and reinforced – Highly flexible + compressible 3:1 – Abrasion resistant – Approved by an independant testing laboratory for the complete hose acc. to EU-Directive 10/2011 and EC 1935/2004 and the latest EU-Directive 2015/174, food grade polyurethane, complies with: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010 – Approval acc. to EU-Directive 10/2011 (food simulants A, B, C OR E and D2) and EC 1935/2004 – Odourless and tasteless – microbe and hydrolysis resistant. – good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals. – Very good low temperature flexibility. -Manufacturing process acc. GMP EC 2023/2006. – Conforms to RoHS guideline. – Temperature Range -40 degrees to 90 degrees short time to 125 degrees -Design, Material patented PROTAPE tape hose 1. spring steel wire integrated in wall 2.wall: special premium ether-polyurethane (pre PUR) 3. Wall thickness 0.6mm approx. – Delivery Variants Further diameters and lengths available on request transparent – standard Customer-specific branding

Lightweight material & suction delivery hose 

Construction: NR Black, smooth, anti static high abrasion resistant
Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord, steel helix
Cover – corrugated cover and resistant to weather and abrasion 
Application – material and dust extraction hose.