Industrial & Liquid Hoses

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General purpose S&D 10 bar (150 psi – EPDM)

Tube: Black conductive EPDM
Reinforcement: high tensile textile cords with embedded steel helix wire.
Cover: Black conductive EPDM – abrasion and ozone resistant
Use: Water suction and delivery. Also suitable for mild chemicals and fertilizers in general industrial and agricultural applications.
Constant Operation: -40 degrees +100 degrees (-40 F +212 F) depending on conveyed chemical. .

Water-slurry S&D – PVC – Standard duty – Super elastic

Tube: Light blue PVC with helical red stripe – abrasion and ozone resistant. Reinforcement: white shock resistant rigid PVC.
Application: water suction and delivery. Constant Operation: -20 °C +60 °C (-4 °F +140 °F)

General purpose food quality S&D – PVC FDA – EU 10/2011 A+B+C – AS 2070

Construction: transparent PVC – abrasion and ozone resistant. Reinforcement: Steel helix wire.
Application: general purpose liquid food and alcoholic beverages suction and delivery – max 20%. Sterilize with 5% soda solution. Constant Operation: -5 °C +60 °C (+23 °F +140 °F)

Lightweight material & suction delivery hose 

Construction: NR Black, smooth, anti static high abrasion resistant
Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord, steel helix
Cover – corrugated cover and resistant to weather and abrasion 
Application – material and dust extraction hose.