Oil Hoses

Browse our most popular Oil Hoses below. If you need any further assistance in finding the most suitable hose for your project, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Fuel-Oil S&D 10 bar (150 psi) exceed SAE 100R4 -SAE J2006/R2 -ISO 13363/2/A+B

Tube: black conductive NBR
Reinforcement: high tensile textile cords – with embedded helix wire.
Cover: black CR – abrasion, ozone, hydrocarbon and flame resistant. Application: fuel and oil suction and delivery. Specially designed for tank truck and general industrial applications.

T-604 AA Oil Suction & Return Exceeds SAE 100R4

Tube: Black conductive NBR
Cover: Black Cr – Abrasion, Ozone and Hydrocarbon Resistant
Application: Hydraulic Oil Suction and return lines

Rig supply hard wall – Fuel-liquid mud 20 bar
(300 psi)

Tube: black conductive NBR.
Reinforcement: high tensile textile cords with embedded steel
helix wire – antistatic wire.
Cover: black conductive CR – abrasion, ozone, hydrocarbon
and fire resistant.
Application: fuel, oil and liquid mud transfer from supply vessels
to offshore platforms.
Also suitable for sea water pumping and barite transfer.
Also available in self floating version. Reserve buoyancy
calculated according to GMPHOM 2009 standard.
Tensile end load resistance:
ID 2″ 2.000 kg
ID 3″ 4.000 kg
ID 4″ 7.000 kg
ID ≥ 5″ 10.000 kg
ABS Type approved hose assemblies.
Electrically continuous.
Constant operation: -30 °C +90 °C (-22 °F +194 °F)